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Plumbing and Heating: B&N carry a wide variety of products which are required for plumbing and heating construction. Whether building new or renovating an existing structure we can supply your needs. We carry copper, stainless, pvc pipe, and fittings. Thermostat controls, circulation pumps and piping for radiant floor heating systems. B&N also carry a complete line of jet, submergable and sewer pumps and piping for home construction.

Industrial Construction: B&N can provide a large selection of piping. Cast iron, stainless steel, copper and pvc fittings of the following types: butt weld, NPT, and socket weld in varies sizes. Any special sizing can be brought in with overnight courier service. Customized hydraulic hoses can be fabricated for your project.

Heavy Equipment: B&N carry a large selection of replacement oil, fuel, hydraulic and air filters as well as a large inventory of belts which are required for regular maintenance of your machinery. High pressure hydraulic hoses with fittings can be fabricated for any replacement hose. Stainless steel tubing can be bent and flared with JIC connections to meet any replacement requirements.

Instrumentation Construction: B&N carry liquid filled gauges, including high pressure liquid filled gauges for your instrumentation needs. B&N also carry compressors, air lines, air line tubing, air quick couplings and push to connect fittings for instrumentation and in shop use.


Plumbing Heating

   •   Pipe

   •   Fittings

   •   Valves





   •   Piping

   •   Fittings

   •   Gauges

   •   Hydraulics

   •   High Pressure


Heavy Equipment

   •   Belts Filters

   •   Hydraulics

   •   Hoses