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B&N support many contractors with supplies ranging from piping to hydraulic based components. Small or large contactors are able to find what they require at B&N for the mining, logging, marine, heavy equipment or plumbing and heating industries. As many of these industries require large equipment with hydraulic based components B&N are able to supply these industries.

 Home Construction: B&N carry a large amount of inventory for plumbing and heating systems. For new construction B&N can supply all your piping requirements. Copper pipe and fittings, pvc and abs pipe and fittings for drainage and water supply. Ball and gate values for controlling flow through zones, zone values and circulation pumps for circulating heat throughout system. NPT, butt weld, socket weld and compression fittings are available to secure your piping together. Jet, submergable and sewer pumps and piping for any household situation are availabe at B&N.

 Logging Contractors: B&N carry a large selection of Wix hydraulic, air, fuel and oil replacement filters. These filters can be used during the regular maintenance of your machinery. Breakdowns happen sooner or later with everything, at B&N we strive to have you back up and operating as soon as possible, we can provide in shop fabrication of hydraulic hoses, tubing and fittings. Replacement seals and o-rings kits can fix leaks on hydraulic cylinders.

Heavy Equipment: Unique fittings for your brand of machinery are available at B&N. Each manufacturer carries their own line of fittings for hydraulic hoses, at B&N it is possible to have custom build hydraulic hoses with the correct fittings attached, whether you are operating with Cat, Volvo, John Deere, Komatsu or Hitachi machine we carry each line of fittings. B&N carry a large selection of replacement oil, fuel, hydraulic and air filters as well as a large inventory of belts which are required for regular maintenance of your machinery. Hydraulic seals, o-rings and packing will help stop hydraulic fluid leaks. Replacement cylinders can be ordered. Stainless steel tubing can be bent and flared with JIC connections to meet any replacement requirements.

Marine Construction: From small pleasure craft to large supply vessels B&N can supply your Marine requirements. Replacement or installation of anodes for corrosion purposes, applying anti-fowl paint, or installing hatches; B&N can provide your marine supplies to complete these measures. Fuel systems including fuel lines, connections, and fuel filters are available. Hydraulic systems can be custom designed to meet your requirements. Replacement oil, fuel and air filters for diesel engines. Pumps, piping, fittings and hoses for all circulating, wash down, bilge or any other fluid moving system can be handled. B&N are capable of supplying hoses for hydraulic cranes or power steering systems with stainless steel fittings in both metric and standard threading.

Mining Contractors: B&N can supply your hydraulic components for the mining industry. Hydraulic pumps, hoses, fittings and seals are available to keep your operation up and running. Water pumping systems for suction and discharge of standing water, Cam lock fittings for suction and discharge hoses. Replacement filters and belts for all machinery in use. B&N will fabricate any replacement hoses or tubing for your machinery.




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