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Logging: B&N strive to have you back up and operating as soon as possible after a breakdown. We can provide in shop fabrication of hydraulic hoses and tubing. Custom seal and o-ring kits will help stop cylinders from leaking fluids. Worn or broken belts can be matched and replaced. If your mobile equipment is deep in the woods or your Heavy Duty Truck is driven to our door, we can fit your machinery with replacement hoses. To keep machinery operating B&N supply Wix hydraulic, air, oil, and fuel filters that can be used during the regular maintenance of your machinery.


Logging Machinery

   •   Harvestor

   •   Porter

   •   Truck

   •   Loader 



 Replacement Parts

   •   Filters

   •   Belts

   •   Hoses

   •   Fittings

      Custom Seal Kits

      O-Ring Kits