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Mining: B&N can supply many of your hydraulic components for the mining industry. Hydraulic pumps, hoses, fittings and seals are readily available to keep your operation up and running. Water pumping systems for suction and discharge of standing water, Cam lock fittings for suction and discharge hoses. Replacement filters and belts for all machinery in use. B&N are capable of fabricating any replacement hoses or tubing.


Parts For Mining

   •   Hydraulic Hoses              Stainless Fasteners 

   •   Hydraulic Fittings            Stainless Fittings

   •   Hydraulic Seals                Stainless Pipe

   •   Cam Lock Fittings            Steel Pipe

   •   Discharge Hoses               PVC Pipe

   •   Filters                             •   V-Belts