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Processing: B&N are capable of supplying materials for the construction of a new or refit of an existing processing facility. B&N carry a full range of stainless steel tubing, piping, fittings and fasteners for your production facility. Belts for driving systems, pvc pipe, pumps and values for controlled fluid movement. High pressure liquid filled gauges along with air handling capabilities can be supplied by B&N to keep your processing facility operational.



   •   Stainless Tubing

   •   Stainless Pipe

   •   Stainless Compression Instrumentation Fittings

   •   PVC Pipe and Fittings

   •   Liquid Pressure Gauges

   •   Drive Belts

   •   Pumps and Values

   •   Air Tubing

      Air Connect Fittings (Push On)