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Pulp and Paper mills contain many procedures and operations being consolidated under one roof to achieve a final product. B&N are capable of supplying Pulp and Paper mills with the required parts to keep individual processes running smoothly during regular scheduled maintenance of equipment. B&N are capable of supplying hoses, filters, cylinders, hydraulic components, pumps and gauges during these scheduled downtimes. B&N also have on hand industry specific fittings for unscheduled or emergency repair.




   •   Hydraulic Components          Hydraulic Seal Kits

   •   Hoses                                     Pneumatic Seal Kits

   •   Fittings                                 High Pressure Valves

   •   Cylinders                               High Pressure Fitting

   •   Filters                                    High Pressure Hoses

   •   Belts                                     Liquid Gauges

   •   Pumps                                   Dry Gauges