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B&N's on-site store features products that include Gates hoses and belts, a large selection of Wix filters, hydraulic hoses, seals, o-rings and fittings, stainless steel pipe, tubing and fittings, brass fittings, metric Din fittings, and pvc pipe and fittings. Our inventory is suited to cover numerous industries including but not limited to marine, farming, forestry, processing, contracting, and construction. In addition, we specialize in while-you-wait assembly of hoses and bending and flaring of tubing. B&N are able to supply custom built kits for hydraulic, plumbing and heating systems. We will perform specialty ordering with overnight delivery for non stock items.

Here at B&N we are always continuing to bring in new product lines for our customers: our diverse line of suppliers permits B&N to specialize in many different products, for many different industries. This allows B&N to search for that distinctive product that you may have heard about and must have. With our network of suppliers and manufacturers we are usually able to obtain this desired product.